Engraving village outreach activity


Engraving village outreach activity

Engraving Village has beautiful scenery, breathing fresh air in the countryside with colleagues, sharing experiences in work, exchanging solutions to difficulties in work and chatting freely about the company's vision for the future.

This outreach activity is very meaningful. Through the training of this outreach training activity, We realized that the goal, plan and rules must be formulated first in order to complete the goal or task of the activity. 

Second, team members should divide their work reasonably and cooperate with each other. 

Third, communicate more when problems arise and treat each other sincerely. 

Fourth, team members should trust and encourage each other instead of complaining about each other. 

Last but not least, strictly require yourself to abide by the rules, reflecting the interests of the team first.

Finally,thank the company for organizing this expansion activity so much,and looking forward to the more exciting activities next time.We must believe in promoting ourselves in more expansion activities, enhancing team cohesion and better reflecting our value in our work.

Engraving village outreach activity

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